Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lost in the web

I try to get ahead but cannot. Its like I cannot get a grip on life. I need to get bailed out!
I know  he will do it for a certain race but he will not do it for me. (getting bailed out)
Look at how God has treated me. I have to earn a brain????? That is unfair???
I have to earn a family after we have worked for the man above??? That also is unfair!
So what does it really take is the quesiton we must ask? Not only that It also never ends and is incessant.
Wow the suffering does not end. I need answers and must I say I need time. Its been SEVEN YEARS. We need to learn and get bailed out and also understand what weve been through and the time it took.
I have people working for it but have been taught to not lean on them all the time. The dreaded perceptions. Enemies in the perception and how they wont give me my worth and wont let me be myself.
Lets talk GOd.
How am I the savior if I am not getting taught or do not get a reason for the suffering.

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